Sunday, January 13, 2013

...about a nomination!

While the Golden Globes play (confession: I'm watching HBO's Girls, not the Globes), and we enter awards season, the nomination I'm most excited about (well, a close second to the Oscar nomination of How to Survive a Plague in the Best Documentary category) is the nomination of AskPatrick for Best Writing on a Design Blog!

I started blogging as an outlet to write, so the nomination in this category means the absolute world to me. And I am in OUTRAGEOUS company... Quintessence, which has always set the bar for writing in the design blogosphere, Mrs. Blandings, My Marakesh, and StylecourtHonor to be nominated, indeed!

As a relative blog newbie to these seasoned pros, it's really an honor to be included. And truth be told, I'm happy to represent the design dudes in a world where the ladies rule the roost!

I'm also super pleased about two other nominations... Apartment Therapy (where I'm a contributor), for Best Overall Design Blog, and for my friend Carl J. Dellatore, whose blog CJ Dellatore is perhaps the best blog you might not be reading. I'm kinda relieved he's not nominated in my same category, as his writing, be it his own or from his growing roster of highly-credentialed guest bloggers and editors, is currently setting the standard for considered content and prolific output. Plus, he is an outrageously collaborative gent, and a tremendous advocate for the interior design industry as a whole. So when you vote, consider showing Mr. Dellatore some vote-love, too.

You can review all the nominees, and cast your vote for me and my many talented blog-colleagues, here!

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  1. Ask anyone Patrick, I very rarely cry.
    Right now, its raining on my pajamas.

    Much love and good luck right back at you!

  2. Love CJ's comment!! Congrats to you both and thank you so much for the kind words. Wishing you both best of luck!!