Monday, October 10, 2011

...about a holiday giveaway.

Spread the word, spread the cheer! If I get 150 Followers before November 1st, 2011, all Followers will be entered in a drawing to receive a free, custom-designed 20" wreath. Wreath has a $250 value, and will be delivered prior to December 1.

What kind of wreath would you like to win? And see more options, and read my tips on why I love wreaths for the holidays here.

All wreaths and photography: Patrick James Hamilton Designs


  1. I like the top wreath because it matches the colors of my home. It is very pretty too!! I like your public art post. We were just up on High Line Park last weekend. It was lovely and warm. We ate our lunch up there and sat in the sun for a while and watched the Sunday stroll go by. Relaxing and fun!
    Suzanne from CT.

  2. There I've been seeing you talk about this blog for a while so... I figured I'd start to follow it and delve into the world of Patrick. Besides you could probably rock out an awesome wreath!


  3. better late than never!!! I am gone all week now away from my computer!!

  4. That picture just may be the PERFECT wreath Patrick!!! Simply gorgeous.

  5. I cannot pick one over the other. I think both of them are gorgeous.