Monday, July 11, 2011

...about Sarah Richardson.

Head on over to Apartment Therapy to hear my interview with HGTV's Sarah Richardson, whose new show Sarah 101 premiered this past weekend. She talks about the 13-episode series, but like all her TV work, she is generous with the tips, the behind-the-scenes insight, and the relaxed attitude about a process where tiles don't always show up on time and headboards don't always fit through doorways without a bit of corrective surgery.

The new show from this (still youthful!) series veteran promises a new spin each week, as Sarah returns to her Design, Inc. days of client projects. For the d├ęcor junkies (guilty!) Sarah 101 promises some good-old-fashioned decorating, and the sledgehammers and drywalling of Sarah's House will take a back seat to fabrics, paint and furnishings to make a variety of spaces come alive.


  1. Patrick, what a great interview you did with Sarah. I hated that I missed her first Sarah 101 show to the US, but hopefully they will reair that one.

    Also, I came across the kitchen you did that was featured in House Beautiful and Apartment Therapy. Nothing short of amazing.


  2. Thank you so much, Rashon... on both counts! High praise from such a stylish gent!