Tuesday, March 29, 2011

about Design on a Dime... Interesting Pieces: Wisteria.

Shhhhh! Wisteria is my secret weapon, my go-to source for pieces to finish off a room. Their collection is eclectic, full of pieces that look like you found them in an antique shop or posh boutique, but are in stock, internet ready, catalog easy. Over the years, they've added larger pieces, and broadened their time span to include pieces of a more modern ilk. They were doing global chic with a high-end look before, well, everybody else. All good.

They've also long been known for having a sense of humor in those catalogs, and having a big heart, with support of local and global charities, artisan spotlights, and heartfelt profiles of their employees. When Wisteria writes about their "family," you get the very real impression it's not just marketing copy. Humor and heart are traits I greatly admire, so even more reasons to like Wisteria.

I rarely finish any interior or virtual makeover without a little something-something of theirs working its way in, so it seemed odd this room would be without them. They were a natural candidate on my Wish List (and very high on it) of suppliers for my Design on a Dime room. But I figured it would be a long shot, since I've only ever been an anonymous online customer and happy catalog recipient (and Wisteria Facebook fan). I was so intent on having Wisteria represented before I made official contact, I jumped the gun and coerced the boyfriend to make his own generous donation to the cause, scooping up two of their statement-making Chinese Acupuncture figures.

Well, I asked, and Wisteria answered. And answered BIG. You'll see their Chinese Garden Stool and Architectural Stainless Steel Stool as shiny punctuation, and the room-commanding Stacked Stainless Steel Coffee Table, center stage, if you visit the Metropolitan Pavilion here in New York for Design on a Dime May 5th for the opening cocktail party, or on May 6th and 7th. These and every other item in the over 50 designer room vignettes, from the talented likes of Robert Passal, Amanda Nisbet and Ralph Lauren Home, will be sold off at bargain basement prices.

These pieces are also, happily, part of how I would tackle a small space and design plan. The coffee table is large enough for TV dinners, but glassy and open (so the Niba rug will share the spotlight). The side tables double as stools and give me a lovely play on symmetry, letting me play my very favorite game of "Compare and Contrast." And the three pieces, as different as they are, share a common finish to keep things from getting too busy.

So, knowing these pieces are in the mix, any thoughts on which art or rug you would choose?

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