Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trendspotting at the NYDC - Style Trends

Prepping for my appearance at the New York Design Center's "What's New, What's Next" Fall Preview event, I took a top-to-bottom tour through the 16 floors of this venerable home furnishings building. The place was buzzing, with showroom and building renovations, new tenants, floor-to-floor moves, new collections, and some noticeable trends worth watching… and taking home. First up: style trends. (PS: Can you tell I'm a John Saladino fan???)

The New Antique

Museum-mount Lighting from Arteriors Home

Museum chic: architectural fragments are being handled and displayed with a carefree ease, a confident ireverance, and paired with sleek mounts and functional form. At Saladino Furniture, a capital commands even more attention (and the modernity of sculpture) when perched atop a sleek stainless cylinder. In Arteriors Home, architectural fragments get a new lease on life, and add new life to lighting. It’s a beautiful way to add patina and the grace of age to even the most modern interior.

Rat Pack Luxe

"Aaron" Chair at Bright Furniture

Maybe it’s the Ad Men factor, but Mid-Century Modern is getting a crazy-cool make-over, and it’s as handsome as John Hamm. And just as desirable to have in holding court in your living room. Straighter lines, more luxurious upholstery choices, and hard-to-describe colors (see the "Color Trend" post for more) take the edge off like vermouth in a Martini, and take Wegner-inspired pieces one step closer to the Jetsons, via the CEO’s office. Yes, please. Lots of examples at Bright in Ted Boerner's always swanky and sartorially-inspired showroom, too.

Modern Leather

"Tipping Point" Chaise by Peter Mann and the Modernist Bed in premium hide at DESIGNLUSH

Leather Side Chair at Saladino Furniture

Forget the “Bachelor sofa,” the oversized recliner, and all the damage the 80’s did to leather’s reputation. This is a horse of a different color. Lighter frames, sleeker silhouettes, and architectural edge give leather (in traditional or contemporary form) a fresh, and highly usable, perspective. And hair-on-hide still provides the perfect accent note which, even when patterned or pieced, Is surprisingly neutral. These examples from DESIGNLUSH and Saladino Furniture show the time-travel capabilities of these timeless New Leather pieces.

Instant Vintage

The William Haines Designs Collection at PROFILES

From a galaxy very, very close, and not so long ago. The silhouettes on these pieces of upholstery and casegoods are familiar… but not. The pieces no doubt inspired by flea market finds (of the Clignancourt variety) and antique finds (of the 1st Dibs pedigree) but showroom ready, and without having to raise your paddle at Sotheby’s. The added bonus: You can get your ideal upholstery choice without having to say “Doh!” when the Antiques Roadshow guy says, “Well, in its original fabric, you’d be sitting on a goldmine.” These pieces add instant depth and maturity to any space, especially new-box construction. See also, “Rat Pack Luxe,” and see it also at Bright, Barbara Barry Realized by Henredon (for a 40's glam vintage take), and Dennis Miller Associates (in their brand new digs!)

Plush Life

Iconic Vladimir Kagan Sofa at Kagan Couture

Familiar forms, with fuzz. Mohairs and velvets (see below) take familiar forms and up the ante. Has the iconic Kagan sofa (a signature piece at the expanded Vladimir Kagan Couture) looked more luxurious than it does in this plush persimmon incarnation? Yowza.

Silk Velvet Upholstery at Saladino Furniture

Nothing says luxe like velvet, and with a touch of viscose or silk, this staple of upholstery looks fresher than ever. A perfect pairing with Instant Vintage. These shimmering velvets age beautifully, and their subtle sheen makes even the largest upholstered piece a tamer scale, since they respond to lighting changes so beautifully. And in barely-there colors, the visual weight often associated with velvet just evaporates.

What style trends are seeing, loving?

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